No and No. Although I do have a degree in Business Management from many moons ago, but I’m a big advocate of self-learning. I have taught myself both cooking and photography through hours of experimentation, online articles and the power of YouTube. Whilst my business degree has been utterly useless in real life, I DO believe in higher education for clinical and medical purposes. Which leads us nicely onto the next question.

Well yes. Kind of. I have a few revenue streams as a freelancer, but this blog has been my baby since 2011. It’s grown with me and my many business ideas. I run a successful Protein Ball Mix business over at www.fit-mixes.com, work as a commercial food photographer at www.sallyoneilphotography.com and write for national magazines, am Author of Love Move Eat (Bauer 2017) , and do this stuff alongside producing content, social media, and a million other things for this website The Fit Foodie Blog.

I shoot almost all my content on my Canon 5D Mark III, with a Sigma 50mm F/1.4 for Canon lens. It’s a heap cheaper than the Canon version, and was recommended to me buy two incredible food photographers at Gourmet Traveller. They know their stuff. I also have a Manfrotto 190 Tripod with table-top arm that I very rarely use. I love to shoot free-hand so I can swap between angles in a second.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine and the Endeavour College of Natural Health in Sydney. On completion (in 2022!) I’ll be a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist.

I’m not here to tell you what you should I shouldn’t eat. In fact I can’t, I’m not yet qualified (see question above). I am however, all about sharing what works for me and my body, and encourage you to do some exploring and do the same. The recipes I share here will help you do that. I find that cutting out refined sugar, some gluten, and limiting my dairy generally suits me best. I don’t drink alcohol because i’m just not that into it, and it gives me panic attacks because my adrenalin naturally runs high. I’ve tried every diet on the planet - from vegan to Keto, and found that cutting out whole food groups just makes me crave and binge. None of us are genetically built the same, so why would we eat the same?

Hell no. I used to, and it got me into a heap of health problems both mentally and physically. Hit this link to read more on that one!


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